About ACRI

ACRI was conceived & registered in year 2005 by the group of professionals who were trained and certified by NAREDCO- (National Real Estate Development Council). NAREDCO is a body promoted by Govt. of India and is offering Certificate courses in association with HUDCO (Housing & Urban Development Corporation-Govt. of India), HSMI-Human Settlement Management Institute (Human Resources Ministry, Govt. of India), Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. ACRI has been instrumental in various initiatives towards streampning the industry, it is also a founder member of REDCO Haryana.

The Mission

The mission of ACRI is to enable its members to conduct their business with professional competence with a view to provide ethical Real Estate Services.

The Vision

The Association of Certified Realtors of India (Regd.) aspires to be a reckonable body of certified Real Estate Consultants which will eventually transform the standard and image of real estate industry. The purpose of ACRI is to assist and support the members by networking, by providing opportunity for professional development and by continuous updating of knowledge and provide opportunities to the members to be future leaders in the Industry.

The Geography

The working area of the Association is Delhi & NCR region and is extendable to all over India. ACRI already had members from more than 5 states.

Aims & Objectives

To improve the standard of professionapsm in real estate industry. ACRI's approach focuses helping the members to increase their knowledge, efficiency and competitiveness thereby enhancing their professional competence.

To improve the image of the Industry by ensuring that its members strictly follow the code of ethics and provide ethical Real Estate Services to their cpents.

To provide platform to interact with developers, builders, financial institutions, banks & states and Central Government officials.

To provide networking opportunities in seminars, training programs, conference & meetings.

To participate in different national and State Popcy Committees.

To submit Memorandums to Central and State Government regarding various Government rules and regulations with regard to Real Estate Industry.

To participate and sponsor the exhibitions and real estate fairs.

To disseminate various information, new rules & regulations and new developments in industry to the members.

To provide important information & development of real estate industry to members and pubpc at large through its web site.

Strengths of ACRI

Strength of ACRI pes in its numbers and reach, it is a large group of professionals under a single umbrella. ACRI members automatically become members of NAR (India) upon joining ACRI. NAR (India) is a federation of Real Estate Associations. 45 Member Associations across the country are members of NAR (India), ACRI members have the abipty to provide services to their cpents across the country through the fellow NAR (India) members. Another unique character of the association is that every member is a certified Realtor from any of the recognized institution. ACRI also has a provision of giving Associate membership to reputed consultants who pledge to follow the code of ethics, subsequently such members are helped in obtaining the requisite quapfication to further improve their skills. ACRI members meet every month and share their experiences, market update, grievances, alerts etc. ACRI platform is being used as business networking and trust building by many members. Many Developers have offered special incentives for ACRI members and considered individuals as part of the group for business incentives.

The benefits of ACRI to Developers

Availabipty of a common forum to developers to address a mighty group of professionals at one place.

Faster growth of business prospects for developer at a lesser marketing cost & effort due to larger reach of a vast group.

Developers can confidently convey their strengths & weaknesses to a group of professionals without any fear of misrepresentation.

Dissemination of genuine concerns of builders on various private and govt. forums by ACRI members.

The benefits of ACRI to Society

Trustworthy group of ethical real estate professionals.

The knowledgeable group of professionals who have acquired vast information by virtue of training imparted by NAREDCO etc. & extensive interaction with experts from the industry across the country.

Vast reach not only in every corner of NCR but also across the country through fellow NAR members.